Erosion Control & Stormwater Management

Waterways are dynamic systems that are subjected to continual change (such as flooding events).

The functional design of natural riparian corridors play an important role in the mitigation of floods, filtering land based contaminants, water quality and providing habitat for terrestrial and aquatic vertebrate.

It is also common that low lying areas facilitate these catchment flows and pass through areas also managed for nature conservation purposes. These projects typically require a higher level of care and logistics planning together with environmental permits.

The Bushcare Services construction division has delivered many successful projects involving the reconstruction of semi-natural stormwater assets and detention basins in sensitive bushland reserves.

See also Case Study and Wetlands.

Bushcare Services has substantial experience in stabilising and re-establishing vegetation along waterways with the use of erosion control systems.

  • Reconstructing and rock armouring of high flow zones.
  • Installing jute products such as a jute mat, jute mesh, coir tech mat, coir fibre logs and brush matting.
  • Managing existing vegetation assets during construction – barricading, root protection.
  • Growing and planting long stem natives to provide rapid root establishment in bank.
  • Planting to WSUD designs.
  • Programmed maintenance of Typha and other spreading wetland plants around stormwater assets.
  • Mangrove and saltmarsh rehabilitation, transplants and permit work.

Bushcare’s Team at Work

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