Weed Management

Bushcare Services seeks to understand the requirements of our project partners when developing a successful weed control program. This can be customised to address specific criteria set by the regulators or to simply improve the appearance and access of community parks.

Bushcare Services have the resources and skills to undertake an integrated weed control program. This is the co-ordinated use of a range of chemical and non-chemical weed control methods that are cost effective and practical.

Bushcare Services is fully licenced and insured to commercially apply pesticides.

  • Environmental and Declared weed programs,
  • Asset maintenance – eg stormwater devises, linear infrastructure,
  • Native forestry plantation maintenance programs – site preparation and maintenance eg offsets,
  • Recovering sensitive and threatened habitats,
  • Water weeds – eg Salvinia, water lettuce,
  • Monitoring, mapping and reporting to clients and regulators.

Resources and skills

  • Selective foliar treatments using knapsack and power spray equipment,
  • Boom spraying and wick wiping,
  • Slashing – brushcutters, ride on brushcutter, tractor slashing (flail mower), Mega mulcher,
  • Cut and paint, stem injecting, splatter gun,
  • Qualified staff and certified equipment to undertake manual work on steep terrain,
  • Certified weed hygiene supervisor,
  • Staff experienced working on active construction and mining sites,
  • Bushcare Services maintains fully compliant Quality Certification (ISO9001), OHS (AS/NZS 4801) and Enviro Management System (ISO 14001)

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