Vegetation Management

Positrack forestry mulcher

Bushcare Services has a vegetation management unit that works with clients to manage established or problematic vegetation in conservation reserves and open space.

We work with clients to provide advise on updated vegetation legislation, protection of significant vegetation and control of invasive vegetation.

Penalties for illegal clearing or damage to protected vegetation means that it is important to get the right advise.

Services Available:

  • Strategic burn block preparation for Councils and bushland managers.
  • Vegetation clearance and chipping
  • Positrack mulching of weeds and creating fire access lines
  • Maintenance of interface buffers for fire asset protection – (Asset protection zones).
  • Exotic grassland slashing rotations – eg priority fire hazards.
  • Removal and mulching/dispersal of exotic trees such as pines.
  • Stem injecting invasive trees.
  • Pruning vegetation near visitor facilities to provide safe access.
  • Supervision of civil operations near sensitive vegetation.
  • Managing vegetation exclusion fencing

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