Mangrove Rehabilitation

A new residential community located on the estuary of the Coomera River is being transformed to incorporate a special 50m wide conservation zone that will enhance and protect a highly sensitive intertidal veg community (RE 2.1.3 and RE 7.1.2) The rehabilitation of the conservation zone requires working under permit (DAF) to collect and propagate saltmarsh and mangrove species; Saltwater couch (Sporobolus virginicus) Samphire sp and 2 sp of mangrove.

Bushcare Services are co-ordinating a variety of initiatives to re-profile tidal landform, manage invasive weeds, trap and harvest mangrove seeds and rebuild the original flora composition to levels of pre-disturbance. Many operational phases are integrated with a civil works program to transplant these species at a rate of progress. Non-commercial plant sp are being custom grown off-site for re-introduction – post works. Mangrove seed and silt traps are currently highly successful in creating opportunities for recent mangrove seed drops to regenerate in previously disturbed sections

Services Required

  • Transplanting mangrove propagules to disturbed areas and gabions.
  • Propagating 10,000 pots of saltwater couch and samphire for replanting.
  • Control of invasive weeds including Groundsel and Broadleaved pepper. Removal of mature pine trees from site.
  • Mulching, juting and planting native pockets.