Civil Works – Natural Areas

drainage flowBushcare Services has a civil works division with capabilities that focuses on technical bushland projects that may require a practical engineering perspective and solutions based approach.

Our specialised civil crew is a registered government supplier of bushland/ open space services. Projects typically run for our property manager clients typically require heavy machinery to help develop park assets.

Some of the major projects that our crew undertake include:

Some of the major projects that our crew undertake include:

  • Establishing and maintaining fire access lines (bushland/ urban interfaces).
  • Construction of drainage lines in natural areas.
  • Reconstruction of natural riparian areas that have been damaged by floods and susceptible to erosion.
  • Installation of reno mattress and gabions.
  • Fauna crossings – underpass koala crawl bar and overhead rope bridge to facilitate safe fauna crossings in urban areas.
  • Positrack forestry mulching for large scale weed infestations or Bushfire Management Plans.
  • Stormwater basins – stripping out and planting.
  • Outdoor recreation development including tracks, landscapes and park features.

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